A Country I Would Like to Visit

Topics: Volcano, Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii Pages: 5 (1723 words) Published: March 5, 2013
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Bachelor's Degree Programme

2012-13 (For July 2012 and January 2013 sessions)



School of Humanities Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi, New Delhi- I 1 0 068


Programme: BDP/2012-13 Course Code: FEG-01

Ilear Student,
You are required to do one assignment for the Foundation Course in English-01. It is a 'lutor Marked Assignment (TMA) and caries 100 marks. It covers four blocks of the course.

Airns: T'he TMA is primarily concerned with assessing your proficiency in English. You should not reproduce chunks of information from the passage(s) but effectively use the skills of reading and writing that you may have acquired during the course of stud1, to corltpose your answers. These assignments aim to teach as well as to assess your performance.

Guidelines: Yon will be required to answer the questions on reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and composition. For the question on transcribing phonetically, ,vou may consult an appropriate dictionary.

As in Foundation Course in English Assignment

- I (FEG-01)

Course Code: FEG-01 Assignment Code: FEG- I /TM A12012-13 Max. Marks: 100

Answer all the questions


Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

On 24th August in the year AD 79,the people of Pompeii were going about their business in the usual way. Suddenly it grew dark, and they looked up tor'vards the top of Mount Vesuvius. A great cloud was leaving the top of the mountain; Vesuvius rvas erupting. The people of Pompeii started to run out of the town, but more than 2,000 of them did not get far. Stones and cinders began to fall on the town, and then an immense quantity of ash. The town was completely buried.

you can visit Pompeii today. The Italian government has very carefully cleared away the volcanic matter to uncover public buildings and private houses, theatres, shops, market-places. You can see where people lived and how they lived. The mixture of ash and cinders made, with the rain of centuries, a kind of plaster which has kept things unchanged - rooms, pictures, cups, plates, a doctor's instruments, kept the shape of the people who died, and of the clothes that public notic"r. lt ",r"n th"y r""." wearing. Most of them were trying to escape. The figure olone Roman soldier who died standing at his post has excited writers and artists in our iime.

of Pompeii it was first necessary to move Italian f'anners, their houses and their trees and plants. Vesuvius is an active volcano. Since AD 79, rvhen it...
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