A Country Is Backward Because Its People Are Backward

Topics: Mao Zedong, Thought, Singapore Pages: 3 (1192 words) Published: December 7, 2012
It is too hard to take out the negative points on this matter because it is truth but like everything, it’s also included in both points, negative as well as in positive. Before considering the nature of its rareness, it is essential to know the relation of a country with its people who are living in it as well as those who have migrated from it. A place or an area always called a country when some people live in it with sincerity. Both have equal rights to do work for one another. If it is necessary for the country to give relaxation or leisure time to the people or in other words, security of every person so it is also requisite for the people to make their country best among this world. As the country runs by government, like this the government runs or works by the people. A country doesn’t effect by the inflation rate in market but it is accomplished by that citizenry who ne’er like to work in their nation with un-assumingness. A country always tries to be independent when they see some positive points in it or when they find some kind of elements and natural resources on behalf of which they can boost their economy and keep themselves behind the inflation and this can only be oriented when the people of it become earnestness. Let’s take the example of Pakistan which is full of mineral resources and creative mind people but still it is being counted in the failure states, vitiated or debased, corrupt and losers. It doesn’t mean that there is nothing in Pakistan. The Muslims got it with very forfeit because it is such like God gifted area where everything is eternal, specially the scenery of various places like a Kashmir, Quatta, Moen-jo-Daro and many more, where the people are ready to spend countless money for their journey but just because of the people of it, it is not over there where it should be. The people of it perpetually hunger for the money, and they can never satisfy their thirst by getting their need. They incessantly open their mouth like a dog...
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