A Contemplation Upon Flowers

Topics: Life, Irony, Literary technique Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: June 7, 2012
“A Contemplation upon Flowers “

The persona wishes that he could be as brave as the flowers, they owe their life to the earth. They follow the cycle of life and death. The persona wishes that he could be this way because he is opposite he wants to live forever. However he compliments the flowers he admires them, he uses the word gallant to emphasize his appreciation and his longing to be like them. Literary devices

Stanza 1, line1: The persona is wishing that he could be as brave as the flower. Stanza 2, line 14: This is another comparison between the persona and the plant. The persona wishes that he could look death in the face and be cheerful, like the plant. Irony

It is ironic that the flowers look so fresh and alive when it is facing its very mortality, on the top of a casket. Death is a sad affair, and the flowers are at their best when ushering people back to the earth. Personification

The persona is speaking directly to flowers and giving them human qualities, therefore, the whole poem is an example of the use of personification at its best. He even goes as far as to ask the flower to teach him things that will make him be like it. Tone -The tone of the poem is admiration, because the persona literally admires the flowers for its accepting attitude towards death. Mood

The mood, or atmosphere of the poem is a pensive one. The persona is thinking about death, how he relates to it versus how others relate to it.
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