A Contemplation Upon Flowers

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A Contemplation Upon Flowers:

In the poem A Contemplation Upon Flowers by Henry King the comparison of the life of a simple flower is made to the life of a human, in the sense that we both are born, we both live, and we both must die. Majority of people fear death, but the flowers accept death with open arms and a smile. This poem by Henry King praises flowers for not only their humble lifestyles but also for their acceptance of death.

Henry King uses the literary device of personification, a strong and effective way to give the flowers a voice, and to help the reader grasp and understand the poem. He also uses that literary device to humble the reader in order to better understand the way that the flower smiles in the face of death, and to help us make a connection to the flower. This poem is an example of an ode, a formal way to address someone or something, it is a tribute.

As a human, I fear death and the consequences of it. It always seems hard to accept that life must come to an end, and that one day we all must die. In this poem by Henry King he makes a connection to flowers, which are very much like us in the way that they bloom, grow, and they must die. Just as humans a flowers life is filled with beauty and work to please others, so in reality the life of a human is no different to the life of a flower. This poem has helped me understand that life is but a cycle, that everything must come to an end. So why fear death when it is just another step on our cycle called “life”.

Once Upon a Time:

Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara is a poem that brings to reality the changes that we must go through when growing up and maturing. He contrasts the innocence in life of a child to the complications and hypocricy that he now faces as a working adult, but he realizes that he is no longer happy with the lifestyle led by adults. As a father trying to teach his son about the world in this poem, the roles become reversed when he realizes that he wants to change back to the state of mind of the innocent child he once was; when laughter and smiles were genuine and not masks.

Gabriel Okara uses similes and repetition to make his poem affective and relatable. One example of repetition is “I have learned” he uses this statement to show how he too has formed into a hypocrite and to also show how he wants to change back to the person he once was. Another literary device used to assist readers and to make his poem more affective is similes. Similes are an affective way to make comparisons and to broaden the mind of the reader. “Conforming smiles like a fixed portrait smile” in lines 23-24 suggest that the smiles are not genuine but rather fake and can be changed for the situation. Due to the formal structure and their being a speaker and listener this poem can be considered an Ode.

There was a time when everything we did was genuine and there was never an alternative motive that time was most likely when we were young children. When we were young we did everything with a kind heart and a genuine smile, but now things have changed and we do things in order to benefit ourselves or others. Very rarely do you see someone in a workplace with a genuine, whole hearted smile. That is the reality that we are living in today, where people try to make every situation convenient for them. If only we could go back to a time like when we were children, when everything we did was out of the goodness of our heart, that would make the world a better place.

Forgive My Guilt:

Forgive My Guilt, a poem by Robert P. Tristram Coffin is about the guilt and remorse of a young boy who has killed two helpless birds and watched them suffer. This young boy was on the beach when he saw the peaceful creatures, like any boy of his age would do out of fun, he shot them. However, he did not kill the birds rather he only injured them leaving them to suffer and wait their cruel death. This poem is not about the...
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