A Conservative Ruler

Topics: Alexander II of Russia, Government, Alexander III of Russia Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Alexander III 1. Give reasons to explain why Alexander III was known as being conservative One of the main reasons why his father was killed was because he had made to many reforms, thus, the son, Alexander III decided to be the opposite of his father, a conservative ruler.

2. How did the new government respond to the People’s Will and other political opposition groups? The government began a hunt for any member of the People’s will, and it had executed 5 members whom have been at the centre of the assassination plot of his father. More than 10,000 sympathisers were arrested.

3. Give examples of how Alexander III attempted to reverse the reforms of Alexander II. Explain why he was unable to completely reverse them. The Safeguard System and the Land Captains are some examples ;

4. What was the Russification? How was it carried out and what were the results? Were there any positive results?

ALEXANDER III 1.What was “the reaction”? After the assassination of Alexander II, his son took over the throne prematurely, and, because he started his reign in the worst circumstances, he turned his back on all the reforms his father made and created a series of repressive measures know as “the reaction” 2.Give examples to show Alexander’s reactionary measures The statute of State security, 1881 a.Special governments-controlled courts were set up, this gave governments more control b.Judges, magistrates and officials who were sympathetic towards liberal ideas were removed form office c. The powers of the tsarist secret police were extended, and censorship of the press was tightened The statute of University, 1887 a.Brought universities under strict government control The Zemstva Act, 1890 a.Decreased the independence of local councils and empowered government officials to interfere with their decision making 3.Explain why Alexander was regarded as reactionary Alexander III was regarded as reactionary because he was against the change occurring, in fact he tried to...
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