A Conducive Learning Environment

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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A Conducive Learning Environment
An online and/or adult student must have an internal control psych to motivate themselves to continue and excel in the classes and educational career they decided to pursue. In education, there are choices that must be made in order for the adult student to be successful. One important tool necessary for the student to succeed is a conducive learning environment. These environments begin in the student’s mind at a very young age and are developed through parents, teachers, staff, and others connected to the school and educational environment.

Today various explanations about learning are available. Some people believe that students learn either through the natural or biological make up of the person without any outside influences. These people believe that there is not any influence from the environment. While others believe people learn according to the environment they are involved. This type of person understands learning is established through circumstances or the surroundings. This is proven by the releasing of a learned habit of doing something and accepting the new thoughts and ways of doing something. For example, a child has been taught to print his/her name by the parent; once this child reaches a certain level in school, the child is taught to write his/her name by the teacher in the school environment. Changing one’s thoughts refers to the process by which failure leads to further learning; where a new experience that is contrary to one’s expectations causes one to change their attitude. (Brown, 2006) A conducive environment has a positive effect on a student because it can determine how and what the person is learning. Conducive environment is defined as favorable surroundings or conditions. One would make the environment conducive to learning starting within. Students should be and are motivated internally as well as externally. Built in instructions, found within our genetics drive...