A Computerized Payroll System

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1.1Statement of the Problem 1-1
1.2Current state of the Technology 1-2-1-4
1.3Objectives 1-5
1.3.1General Problem 1-5
1.3.2Specific Problem 1-5 – 1-6
1.3.3General Objectives1-6
1.3.4Specific Objectives 1-6 – 1-7
1.3.5Scope and Limitations 1-7 – 1-9

2.0Theoretical Framework2-1
2.1Introduction 2-1
2.2Database Management 2-2
2.3Information System2-2
2.4Transaction Processing System2-3
2.5.3Microsoft Access2-4
2.5.4Microsoft Word2-4

3.0A Computerized Payroll System for Arias Garments 3-1
3.1. Introduction 3-1
3.2 System Design Specification 3-1
3.3 System Development Life Cycle Diagram 3-2 – 3-4
3.3.1. System Planning 3-2
3.3.2. System Analysis 3-3
3.3.3. System Design 3-3
3.3.4. System Implementation3-4
3.3.5. System Maintenance 3-4
Data Flow Diagram of Regular
Employees (Current System) 3-5
Data Flow Diagram of Contractual Employees
(Current System) 3-6
3.3 Proposed Data Diagram 3-7- 3-8
3.4 Entity Relationship Diagram 3-9
3.5 Input Specification 3-10- 3-12
Data Structure of Database: Personal Data 3-10
Data Structure of Database: Regular payroll3-10-3-11
Data Structure of Database: Formula for Regular 3-10
Data Structure of Database: Contractual Payroll3-11-3-12 Data Structure of Database: Formula for Contractual 3-12
Data Structure of Database: Deductions 3-12

4.0. Performance Analysis 4-1
4.1. Introduction 4-1
4.2. Experimental
4.3. Data Gathering Procedures and Output4-2
4.3.1. Interview 4-2
4.3.2. Observation4-2 – 4-3
4.4. Research Method 4-3
4.4.1. Internet 4-3- 4-4
4.4.2. Library 4-4

5.0. Conclusion 5-1
5.1. Recommendation 5-1-5-2

Appendix A (work schedule)
Appendix B (Certification and letter)
Appendix C (transcript of interview)
Appendix D (sample forms and reports)
Appendix E (expenses)
Appendix f (screen shots)

1.0 Introduction

1.1Statement of the Problem
Not so long ago, all payrolls used to be calculated manually without any help from the computer. Professional’s accountants invested a lot of time and energy into keeping track of all employee data, files and information, calculating monthly salaries, benefits and taxes. And they did this all by keeping numerous files filled with track records for each and every person employed. Nowadays, however, thing are for more simple than they used to be. Because technology is always dedicated to making thing easier and better, quite a wide variety of computerized payroll system is available to save us from this tedious task. Now instead of keeping dozens of files and spending in less hours calculating, all you have to do is get a payroll software system and let it do the nasty work. The computerized payroll system saves time and money easy to use and practical. Manual payroll system is performed entirely by hand and can result in payroll errors and usually slow process. Nowadays business establishment on corporation must use modern technologies to make their tasks easier and faster, technologies that will help people to solve complex problems. Businesses needs advance system that saves time and also secure. Most of company now uses computerized payroll system. A computerized payroll system will not only resolve difficult problems but also it will provide fast process and accurate calculation of the salary.

1.2Current State of the Technology

Transaction processing systems offer enterprises the means to rapidly process transactions to ensure the smooth flow of data and the progression of processes throughout the enterprise. Managing a payroll system manually is a tedious job. Hours worked, taxes, and government...
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