A Computer Maintenance Management System That's Right-Sized for Your Facility's Needs Is a Powerful Tool

Topics: Maintenance, Computerized Maintenance Management System, Management Pages: 5 (1663 words) Published: January 27, 2010
A CMMS That's Right-Sized for Your Facility's Needs is a Powerful Tool A well-utilized CMMS facilitates day-to-day operations resulting in efficiencies that are not possible with manual systems. It also provides comprehensive information and analysis to managers that support fact-based decisions enabling enterprise-wide optimizations and accountability. By Kris Bagadia and Ron Kossik

Many organizations use their computerized maintenance management system as just a record keeping tool. If that's all they want, a spreadsheet perhaps can suffice. A successful CMMS is a tool that goes far beyond just record keeping. By not fully utilizing the CMMS, maintenance operations are missing out on opportunities to save time and money. As the utilization of CMMS increases, overall productivity and profitability also increases.

Basic Functionality

A typical CMMS has the following modules: asset/equipment, preventive maintenance (PM), work order system, parts inventory and purchasing. • Asset/equipment. Using this module, you enter information on assets into the system (such as asset ID, location, model, serial number etc.). • Preventive maintenance. This defines the PM task lists including material and labor requirements, frequency (calendar or run time), starting date etc. for each asset you want to perform PM on. Setting up the PM schedule is a one-time effort. After that, the system generates PM work orders when they are due on an ongoing basis. • Work orders. This is where all the work orders are generated and completed (PM, repairs and projects etc.). The actual time spent, material and tools used are recorded here and is included in the maintenance history of each asset. • Parts inventory. This module keeps track of items in stock, indicates when stock falls to user defined reorder points and creates requisitions. • Purchasing. This module enables you to create and process requisitions and purchase orders. A properly implemented CMMS will increase overall productivity by improving work process flow, helping you migrate from reactive to proactive mode, incorporating PM optimization and trending analysis etc. For example, a CMMS can help you: • Improve efficiency by organizing, distributing and managing maintenance related information. Inefficiencies arising from information bottlenecks are eliminated. • Provide all stakeholders with real-time information that is relevant to them. Maintenance technicians can obtain a prioritized list of open work orders. Requesters can check status information without distracting maintenance staff. Managers can view reports of backlog work orders including total estimated backlog hours. Corporate management can produce comprehensive reports profiling resource utilization and compliance requirements. • Produce reliable information to enable informed decisions at all levels of the enterprise, including requesters, technicians, managers and corporate management. • Identify non-value-added activities and shorten process cycle-time as part of a continuous improvement program. For example, if the maintenance department spends a great deal of time waiting for parts, approval, instructions and equipment to be available etc., CMMS can help identify where exactly maintenance is losing most of the time enabling you to analyze the situation and correct it. • Analyze maintenance data and make meaningful decisions based on accurate and objective information. For example, you can review work order schedule compliance, ratios of PM and repair work orders compared to total work orders and necessary corrective action. Another example is reviewing a compliance report such as shown below to investigate the failure rates and then taking corrective actions to minimize them. • Identify abnormal readings. Maintenance operations frequently gather readings on a variety of equipment such as boilers, chillers etc. In a paper based system, forms are filled out and filed away...
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