A Complete Mystery Shopping Checklist to Aid Your Jobs

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A Complete Mystery Shopping Checklist to Aid Your Jobs


Mystery shopping is a popular part-time job for many moms. Many businesses hire mystery shoppers to assess their company's customer service or a specific employee's sales presentation. To be a top-notch mystery shopper, you need to pay attention to detail. Here is a mystery shopping checklist to aid you in your observations: Check the Site

Check the mystery shopping company's site for the following details: •What is the date of your shop?
Is there a specific time frame you must shop during?
What is the address of the business (write it down, even if you feel sure you know it!)? •What specific items must you order/try on/ask about?
What is the personal information or "story" you need to present to the associate helping you? •Do you need to make note of any timings, and if so, what are they? •If you need to make a purchase, what is your spending limit? •Are there any extra items you need to ask about or look for, beyond the normal things you would notice? •Do you need to get a business card or receipt to document your visit? If you have any questions, contact your scheduler as soon as possible. Make a checklist of these items to take along in your vehicle. Prepare for Your Shop

Bring your checklist and a pencil along when you do your shop. Note mileage to your destination (mileage incurred during mystery shops is tax deductible as a small business expense on tax Schedule C). Arrive and Begin

Once you have arrived at the business you are shopping:
Look over your checklist to refresh your memory regarding the things you need to observe on your shop. •Complete your shop, striving to appear as an "average shopper" and not stand out as suspicious. •Remember to get any documents you need (receipts, business cards, etc).

Upon returning to your vehicle, immediately write notes on your visit, while your memory is fresh. Enter Your Results
Return home and enter your...
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