A Comparison of Two Virtues: Monica vs. Rebekah

Topics: Jacob, Book of Genesis, Religion Pages: 3 (1297 words) Published: July 30, 2012
The saying is “Behind every great man is a great woman”, for Augustine and his mother Monica that became a definite conclusion. Without the affections of his mother Monica where would Augustine have ended up? Studies of women of noble virtues are revered and upheld by the Catholic Church as Saints. A very prime example of a woman of such virtue would be Monica or known in the Catholic sector as St. Monica. Monica is regarded as a woman of worth, a woman of prayer and tears. With grand virtues she is a loving and a patient wife and a wonderful mother to her children. As read in the book of Genesis, Rebekah is noted a mother who loved her sons as well but doted on Jacob more than Esau. Rebekah favored Jacob being her youngest twin and wanted more for him. Both mothers are examples of following God’s plan for their children. But the question is what really makes these two women similar on their own journey in life? Three things come to mind when comparing these two women; their religious beliefs, their method of motherhood and their moral conscious to life. First, Monica was born and raised a very devout Catholic. With her religion being a strong factor in her life so early on, her parents made sure to bring her up virtuous as Catholics could be. Monica’s parents were so devoted to her religious upbringing; they hired a woman servant that helped to rear her in the Catholic Church’s way. As Monica grew older, she was maturing into the woman that her parents had envisioned. Rebekah, born of Jewish descent, became the wife of Isaac. She was chosen by a servant through a sign from God. Should she give water to the servant and his camels, then she would be the woman that was meant for Isaac. According to the book of Genesis, Rebekah became the comfort that Isaac needed since his mother passed on. God brought two people together because according to the scriptures their offspring would create two nations. Both ladies believed in their religion, and believed in the life...
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