A Comparison of Productivity Software Applications

Topics: Microsoft Office, Word processor, Office suite Pages: 4 (1688 words) Published: August 3, 2011
A Comparison of Productivity Software Applications
Garnel Dahn
Strayer University

The software applications that are used to create documents, databases, presentations, and spreadsheets are called productivity software. Most people have had some experience with productivity software at home, school, or work. MS Office software reigns supreme in the industry. Microsoft Windows operating systems are used on over 80% of computers in homes, schools and offices. (Stricklan, 2008)However, just because it’s the most popular doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Fortunately, the options for productivity software are abundant. Let’s first talk about web browsers. More specifically, let’s talk about Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and how they compare to Internet Explorer 8. They are all free, so cost isn’t an issue. First there is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is gaining in popularity but nowhere as popular as Internet Explorer 8. This is good from a security standpoint because a low profile means that most malware authors aren’t making Mozilla a priority when writing code. On the flipside, any vulnerability Internet Explorer 8 has is quickly and maliciously exploited. Internet Explorer 8 has so many security features it can be safer than Mozilla Firefox, but to the end-user this may get a little complicated. Mozilla is much easier to secure without having to have a degree in computer science, even if that security is an all or nothing feature. Firefox is also better when it comes to customizing your browsing experience. It offers considerably more add-ons and extensions than Internet Explorer 8. Other features that serve the user better than IE8 is how Firefox allows you to save your login info, while continuing to load the webpage you entered a password for. IE8 simply waits for your response before continuing to load the page. In IE8 you if you don’t reload the last page you closed immediately blank tab, there’s no getting it back. With Firefox you can configure it...
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