A Comparison of Plato's Cave and the Matrix's

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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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A Comparison of Plato’s Cave and the Matrix’s

Imagine having lived your life on a premise of a truth, then to find out that everything that you believed was wrong or a lie. This is exactly what occurs in the stories of Plato’s Cave and the Matrix. I will show why I believe that the story of Plato’s Cave and the Matrix are similar to each other on their outlook of illusion, reality, truth and religion. I will also give my thoughts on how their views are perceived in today’s world. I will give an explanation as to why I chose the Matrix trilogy to express Plato’s ideas and if the Matrix is valid or flawed in that expression. Let’s take a look at how the story of Plato’s Cave and the Matrix views on illusion. The cave is the matrix. The people in the cave of Plato’s Cave are the people that walk through the computer of the Matrix. Why you ask, because they are living their lives as slaves, not knowing they’re bound to this illusion by force. The caves illusions by way of shadows and fire is the illusion the people living inside the matrix see instead of fire casting shadows, the computer casts their illusions directly to their brain. Once freed, the people of the Matrix are blinded by the reality of their eyes face (since they had never used their eyes before, real light seems like a blinding brilliance). The people locked in the cave are blinded by the sun when they escape the cave. They are compelled to help the other people enslaved in the cave once their eyes are opened to the world of shadows and illusions inside the cave just as the people freed from the illusion of the Matrix did. In both, once they have escaped they realize the truth and reality of the real world. This freeing opens the truth and reality of their existence. Looking at this history of images and their reception it becomes apparent that images have always been seen as having the power not merely to represent reality and truth but also to present them as what...
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