A Comparison of Northern Ans Southern States

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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A Comparison of the Northern and Southern States
Of America

By:Corina Richards

America is a country thriving on different cultures. The country is divided into four major sections the east coast, Central America, Mountain, and Pacific each housing a variety of societal cultures and practices. The east coast is where this country began its story and quickly began to spread across this great land. Within the east coast are the northern states and the southern states. The northern and southern states each have their own differences of the American culture that are seemingly marked to begin with just the border of a state line. The northern and southern states have differences between language, material objects, behaviors, and symbols. Language

The most significant difference between a southerner and northerner is the language. One can clearly hear an accent of a person and will be able to immediately distinguish where the person is from. A person from the south has a “twang” when they speak certain words. Their accent is almost inviting and very polite and they can instantly make anyone feel welcomed. Northerners can be thorough and honest and aren’t very friendly to strangers. A person from the north can speak harshly but properly. People from the south also have a different term for certain objects when compared to northern terms. For, example people in the south call their trash cans “hurby curby’s” meaning a trash can that sits on the curb waiting for the county garbage men to come and collect the trash. “Language also allows people to distinguish themselves from outsiders and maintain group boundaries and solidarity”,(Kendall, 2011).Slang is also very different when comparing northern slang to southern slang. One would think that slang is slang across the country, but there are some phrases that a northern can say but a southerner will not understand. For example a southerner can say “over yonder” which means “over in that direction” or “across this...
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