A Comparison of Han China and India

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Ivan Diaz
Humanities 3rd
Ms. Berdea/ Ms. Fischer
Han China and India under Comparison
Mauryan/Gupta India from 320 B.C.E. to 550 C.E. had similar as well as different methods of political control with that of Han China from 206 B.C.E. to 220 C.E. in the sense that both used culture to justify social inequality supported with the idea of rising in social status and the use of religion to help with political control. The differences were more seen by the twos’ organization in political control as well as the language role in the midst of the civilizations.

The differences between the Han and Gupta/Mauryan had been largely attributed to the main sense of political organization when keeping a civilization running. Han China was more organized due to a solid bureaucracy as a solid political system where all people would be told what’s what so there wouldn’t be confusion as to where ideas and laws were going. India on the other hand had regionalism which could go differently for each political system that would be developed. This political method appeared to be the best option for India since the Geography would not permit them a more central and organized political system such as the one that Han China had created.

Another political difference involves the use of a language. Han China had the standard language of Mandarin which kept the civilization more together and unified as a whole. India did not have a standard language at all. They did have the use for Sanskrit but this was mainly reserved for the elite only. Again this political method kept India more apart than Han China.

Both Han China and Mauryan/Gupta had the idea of a social hierarchy and the achievement of a status on that hierarchy. However the Han had less of a religious route than India in this sense. Han China had a course of study for all students known as the civil service exam. The passing of this exam would ensure and/or determine a student’s position in the government. India...
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