A Comparison of Discipline Models

Topics: Education, Teacher, Logic Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: December 2, 2012
A Comparison of Discipline Models

ComparisonsWongKagan, Kyle and Scotts Morrish
TheoriesHis concept is a belief that the students’ accomplishments are pretentious by the procedures used.This philosophy has a solid positions that are shared with the students •It constructive and creative foundation.

conveys the realistic skills of the students
• nurtures communication with the students in the classroom This model includes procedures and approaches envisioned to assist students with being respectful, accountable, and cooperative. StrengthsIt has a very clear procedural and specifies arrangements required (what to say, goals to have in mind, expectations, etc.). •Can easily be followed because it is designed (before school after school and what happen throughout the day. have Communal and clear prospects for students

• Positive and creative basis.

•convey the prospective of the students.

• nurtures communication and responsibility.• This exhibits a strong consideration of human nature and how students have a tendency to respond.

• This model has three clear elements – training, teaching, and managing – and this makes it easily implemented and measured by the educators. WeaknessesOne of the weaknesses is that it has cause-effect connections between principles and student engagements that are not totally true. focuses additional on the success and behavior of the teacher as to what to do and when) than the requirements of the students• One of the flaws is using the classroom to support the student’s ability to master adverse outlooks and shape abilities that are optimistic weaken negative Behavior.

• This model is based on normal potentials and thus inferences on response more than launch. AdvantagesThe theory shows entirety of what the teacher has control over, all grades can utilize It nurtures discipline and direction, likelihood and uniformity.• A since of pride for the students as they gain knowledge and...
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