A Comparison of Competencies between Associate and Bachelor Degreed Nursing Graduates

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A Comparison of Competencies between Associate and Bachelor Degreed Nursing Graduates Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics
June, 1 2013

A Comparison of Competencies between Associate and Bachelor Degreed Nursing Graduates
Nursing is complex, and within the profession there are many spectrums of career possibilities. Nursing is based on a foundation of caring and what draws many to the profession is a commitment of service. The knowledge and education sought to prepare nurses however differs between the two “entry” level paths of associate degreed nurses and baccalaureate degree nurses and thus forms a difference in the way they perform their professional practice.
Associate Degreed Nurses
Associate degree nursing programs were developed in the early 1950’s as a response to postwar shortages (Creasia, Friberg. 2011) they were intended to be two years in duration and designed to prepare the graduate for bedside care in the secondary setting. These program quickly became successful and programs spread across the United States at a record pace. The associate degree program were found to be clinically sound and offered heavily hands on approach, they traditionally graduate nurses that are task oriented and perform well. Associate graduates are tested via the NCLEX after program completion to obtain licensure. The associate degreed path remains the major point of entry into the profession today. The educational prerequisite of the associate degree nursing program are not as robust in sciences often eliminating the need for organic chemistry and advanced mathematics. The associate degree nursing path also is remedial as compared to the BSN in the liberal arts, often leaving the graduate with subpar communication skills when compared to the BSN counterpart. Baccalaureate Degreed Nurses

Baccalaureate degree programs are traditionally structured as four year programs with the nursing clinical focus at the latter two...
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