A Comparison of Chinese and Western Culture

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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In the past, there was a transportation barrier between China and west, and they were not familiar with each other. Eventually, they have formed their own unique characteristic respectively. Even now, though we may all live in the same city with a broken transportation barrier, we still can feel a different culture between the Chinese and the west. There are three main differences between the Chinese and Western culture; personality development, diet, and religion.

First, the Chinese concern about a big family, but the west puts emphasis on self-development. Actually, all are not thieves that dogs bark at, we believe not all the Chinese and the west are the only type that I mentioned, but I think it is general characteristic they are. ‘Many hands make light work, stronger the family, more power we are’, we are always told. Apart from that, it is not difficult to see that several Chinese traditional festivals are used to gather our family, for example, Mid- autumn festival, Chinese Lunar New Year and Ching Ming festival. They indeed to show how focus of lining our family. On the other hand, the west, more focus on their own self-development rather than their family contribution. The west always fosters children being independent. They are eager to widen their circle of acquaintances prevail over maintaining a clan. For instance, even children can call their parents’ names directly; it is totally different from the Chinese act. I think it may thanks to a long living distance between a family. As a result, we may see that a great difference of personality development between them. Second, the Chinese concern about balanced diet while the west appreciates the taste and look of food. The traditional Chinese medical science requires people having a balanced diet rather than having pills in order to stay health. Antipyretic and nourishing Soup, Chinese herbal tea, which all are the Chinese familiar with. The Chinese may have Chinese herbal tea when...
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