A Comparison between Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and James Joyce's Araby

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  • Published : December 12, 2010
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One day in the life of Ivan Desinovich by Aleksander Solyztien is story of a hero’s quest of survival in a hostile environment. The novel is a very detailed and graphic description of one man’s struggle in a Stalinist work camp. It is the story of Ivan Denisovich, also called Shukhov, and his determination and strength to endure the hardships of imprisonment and dehumanization. The story takes place in a Russian prison camp after World War II. Ivan Shukhov Denisovich, the main character, is sentenced to a prison camp after having been a prisoner of the Germans during the war. The camp conveys a hopeless situation that only human integrity can overcome. : Araby by James Joyce is a romantic quest about a young boy who falls in love and pursues his quest of bringing something for his loved one from a place he thinks to be exotic and unexplored.On comparing these two literary works, there are some similarities as well as differences. Even though both the literary works are different kinds of quest, One day in the life of Ivan Desinovich being a survival quest and Araby being a romantic quest, both bear similar elements that define a quest. Firstly, the protagonists in both literary works are heroes and exceptional beings who have struggled courageously. Secondly the protagonists undergo through the process of mental transformation and death and rebirth of self. The only difference is that One day in the life of Ivan Desinovich is a dull and depressing novel about a prisoner who struggles to survive whole Araby is refreshing and joyous story about an innocent child’s first love. Both literary works bear some similar quest elements and also differences. The essential element of a quest is the hero and his conflict. Heroes are those who have found or done something beyond the normal range of experience and it takes action for a cause greater than oneself and are motivated by some kind of ideal or a reasonable thought. This element is apparent in both works. Firstly,...
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