A Comparative Study on the Absorbency of Two Brands of Cotton

Topics: Design of experiments, Analysis of variance, Statistical significance Pages: 11 (2676 words) Published: July 9, 2011
“A Comparative Study on the Absorbency of Two Brands of Cotton” Agaton, Rojelee
Dizon, Nicolette
Espejo, Abigael

Mancenido, Michelle (Adviser)


This study compares the absorbency of two different cotton brands, Cleene and SM Bonus. The two brands are chosen based on the price differences, and analysis has been conducted to show if significant differences on the absorbency exist between these brands to justify the large price difference, P27.50. The cotton brands are subjected to two types of liquid: water and astringent, where one gram of cotton is completely submerged for five seconds. The amount of liquid absorbed by the cotton brand is the response variable, and is measured by subtracting the final weight of liquid from the initial weight. Twenty samples have been subjected to the two conditions, therefore having five replicates for each combination of factors. The experimental data showed a significant difference among the results. Upon further examination, it was found out that the difference occurred due to the type of liquid used. The rate of evaporation and the densities of the liquids have contributed largely on the rejection of the null hypothesis. Thus, the two cotton brands have no significant difference in their absorbency capacity. Analysis and implications of the results were discussed and recommendations are made on the basis of the experimental results. KEY WORDS: comparison of absorbency, price differences, liquid types


Absorbency may be considered as the attribute of cotton that is primarily considered as it addresses the main function of the said product. With the extreme difference in the prices of cotton brands available in the market, this study was conducted to know if differences in absorbency between two certain brands exist. The first brand is Cleene, which costs P49.75 and the second, SM Bonus which costs P22.25.

In general, this study aims to compare the two brands of cotton through the amount of water and astringent absorbed over a specific period of time, using the concepts of statistical design of experiments. Specifically, it aims to measure the maximum amount that a brand of cotton can absorb by replicating each exact combination of factors given. It also aims to determine if significant differences exist between the cotton brands; and to determine which cotton brand can absorb the most amount of liquid. On the other hand, this study is limited only on the absorbency of the two brands of cotton. It will neither consider the texture of the cotton nor the manufacturing processes undergone, which may affect the difference in price between the said products.


Cotton is one of the most absorbent materials ever produced. It could hold many times its weight on water due to its molecular structure. (Fibers.com, 2008). Its basic function is for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Currently, there have been limited comparisons published on the absorbency of cotton balls. Most published studies involve comparison of different types of fabric for absorbency.

The firm basis of the methodology lies on the similarity of methodology with the absorbency test procedure as presented by U.S. Pharmacopeia (Tirumalai, 2008). Methodology includes dropping of cotton balls in water for a definite period in time and noting the corresponding change in weight. Another similar methodology that is to be used is the published comparative studies on sanitary napkin. Similar works include the analysis of sanitary napkins and absorbent nappy pads for urine output measurement in neonates (Dutta, 2009) where initial and final weights were obtained to check for absorbency between sanitary napkins and nappy pads. Similar process shall be followed where initial and final weights and liquid levels shall be measured in order to compare the absorbency of the two brands....
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