A Comparative Study on Hr Practices Public and Private Manufacturing Sectors

Topics: Knowledge management, Decision making, Enterprise content management Pages: 10 (2633 words) Published: December 18, 2012

Gajanethi Swathi Kumari


Aurora PG College


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Knowledge management in education is a monograph that makes eminent sense – a wonderful combination of good intuition, practical know-how, and a feel for what might be best described as a set of emerging theories focusing on the effective management of knowledge in educational institutions. Along the way, Knowledge Management in Management Education supplies us with a frame work for understanding how good assessment practice, in fact, depends on effective information management. The quality of knowledge generated with Management Education and availability to wider economy is becoming increasingly critical to International Competitiveness. The present study aims to explore the significance of KM and its role on Management Education. It discuss the dimensions and strategies for effective implementation of KM towards education. The study addresses the barriers to effective knowledge sharing in the system. It also deals with Techno – centric KM. Finally it intends to find out the learning practices for management, faculty and students respectively.

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management supplies us with a framework for understanding how good assessment practice, in fact, depends on effective information management. Knowledge Management in Education reminds us that education is truly a seamless endeavor. Information practices and learning strategies known as knowledge management are gaining acceptance in the field of education. At the most basic level, knowledge management can be described as a set of practices that helps to improve the use and sharing of data and information in decision-making. Several educational institutions across the country have recently received grants to implement knowledge management practices. several foundations and other major funding agencies of educational institutions areinterested in knowledge management both internally and externally.

The Drive For Improvement And Accountability In Education

In the climate of increased external and internal pressures for improvement, the information needs college faculty, and administrative staff have never been greater —yet the perils of information overload are real. Even more than standardized tests, having good, qualified teachers, is crucial to “leaving no child behind”—and that requires changes to be made in the way people work within educational institutions. This includes the need for ongoing and effective professional development. At the same time, faculties are required to remain abreast of a wide variety of changing standards, curricula, and pedagogical methods. Security and health procedures are increasingly complex and cumbersome. At the college and university level, faculty face an expanding universe of information pertinent to their field, and it is difficult to remain abreast of these developments. In these tight fiscal conditions, college and university budgets are limiting staff and faculty development, and travel time to conferences. Meanwhile, the purview of college faculty is expanding. . They are being asked to teach a much wider proportion of the population, to understand which teaching strategies are most successful with which demographic groups, and to be more involved and persistent about student assessment issues—from college entrance and placement to value-added issues related to the degree. Many innovative faculty members feel burdened by the cumbersome processes required for curriculum development, program approval and student assessment. They...
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