A Comparative Study of Journalistic Ethics: Apple Daily and Apple Action News

Topics: Journalism, Newspaper, Mass media Pages: 20 (6381 words) Published: November 20, 2012
In the past, people used to rely heavily on the traditional mainstream media when obtaining information. As a result, the newspaper world boomed and developed extensively during the 70s . With rapid development of Internet journalism by the end of the twentieth century , visual convergence of media has become more pronounced . Hence, the printed newspaper industry diminished sharply with only 14circulations left in 2011 . Such a scenario could be explained further by Hall’s estimation that people living in the developed world incline to get news from the Internet rather than buying hard copies in the twenty-first century . A continuous expansion on network journalism would gradually out-bid the mainstream printed newspaper industry as online attainment of information has become increasingly predominant . Yet, persistent erosion in circulation on Print was foreseeable. Take the Washington Post Company as an example, with growing online competition, 7.5 % of profit fell was reported in its printed newspaper division last year. For each dollar added to online revenue, the WaPo lost five dollars on print. Shrinkage of the print sector revealed the importance of a diversified structure in the purpose of offsetting the tremendous lost in print and meeting the ever-changing market demand . A similar logic also works within the local media press. In response to the keen competition, Next Media Limited keeps diversifying its business by introducing the Apple Action News (our targeted media channel) chiefly to absorb the new generation. According to the statistical data from the Hong Kong Audit Bureau of Circulations Ltd. , the founding of the Apple Action News has raised company’s profit by 4.8% from 2006 to 2008.

To take a more in-depth analysis about this scenario, the following paragraphs would focus on explaining how the proliferation of technologies influences the print newspaper in term of new production process and reporters' professionalism.

2. Methodology
The objective of this research was to investigate the Journalistic Ethics between Apple Daily and Apple Action News. The study is based on an A1 printed newspaper namely “抽廣告恐嚇傳媒 港鐵無恥”and its animated version called “報衰嘢即抽廣告 港鐵無恥” dated 22nd April,2011. As the whole study is only based on the 2 media texts, the issue of how Journalistic Professionalism has changed with the Internet might not be thoroughly reflected; therefore, some relevant reading materials were located from the internet, printed books and online journals to make the research more comprehensive.

The findings mainly divided into 2 sections whereas each section could be partition into 2 parts. As for the analysis, the first part demonstrated a discussion with the major differences between Apple Daily and Apple Action News in the process of news production; followed by the part on the major differences between the new media and traditional news in terms of journalistic ethic and professional standards. It is found that the professional standard of the targeted texts are more or less the same, there are only slight variations in some criteria.

In the discussion section, emphasis is put on the pros and cons of the new news media and the future development of news media respectively. The positive and negative influences of news media would be discussed in a macroscopic manner.

With thrives in technological development, new news media has brought a remarkable breakthrough to the development of journalism. It is expected that gradual and piecemeal changes will be coming up in purpose of extending market share.

3. Analysis
3.1 Process of News Production

Generally speaking, the production of news operates through multiple tasks of meaning-making. News gathering is the initial stage of the news fabrication process. It is followed by a series of procedures like putting information into message, graphic editing, as well as publishing. With...
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