A Comparative Study of in Campus Bicycle Use in Philippines and Taiwan

Topics: Bicycle, Cycling, Utility cycling Pages: 14 (3116 words) Published: June 11, 2012
A Comparative Study of In-Campus Bicycle Use of
University Students in Philippines and Taiwan
Ching Yang* Fortunato de la Peña Jr.**
*Professor, Department. of Industrial Design Graduate Institute of NYUST, Yunlin, Taiwan, R.O.C **Graduate student, Department. of Industrial Design Graduate Institute of NYUST, Yunlin, Taiwan, R.O.C The study investigates the campus lifestyle and bicycle use among university students in Philippines and Taiwan. This is carried out mainly through case studies and on-site interviews and investigation, focusing on 8 university students from the University of the Philippines (UP) and 12 university students from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST). The interview questions centered on cycling correlates, campus-student lifestyle, bicycle types, bicycle preference, use objective, and accessories on their bicycle. The interviews also investigate how they evaluate the current condition of their campus environment. The initial outcome of the study revealed that mountain bikes are the most popular type in the UP campus, while standard frame bicycles with speed are popular in NYUST. The mode of ownership differs from UP and NYUST. In UP, bicycle renting is popular among students. Most students in both campuses don’t wear any safety gear, but 30% wear helmets wherever they go. Students in both groups almost have the same reasons in choosing to ride a bicycle; to save money, convenience, faster than walking, for fitness, and it can be parked anywhere. Student cyclists in UP seem to travel longer distances than their counterparts in NYUST. Campus environment is a big factor in influencing the number of cyclists among the student population. NYUST’s student cyclist population is a lot bigger than UP. There are more cycling facilities inside the NYUST campus as compared to UP. While both have bike lanes, NYUST has more parking sheds and school traffic regulations that seem to benefit student cyclists in the campus. The findings of the study are useful in setting new parameters or in setting a path on the design direction of future bicycles. Creating a new category of bicycles and/or accessories tailor made for campus use could be based on this study. Keywords – bicycle, university students, bicycle use behavior, Philippines, Taiwan Introduction

All over the world, biking is experiencing a resurgence,
according to the figures published by the Earth Policy
Institute, the population of bicycles all over the world has reached 130 million in 2007 (Earth Policy Institute, 2007).
These figures indicate the increasing popularity of
bicycling in many parts of the world. In
Taiwan, The central government launched the policy of
Planning and Establishment of Bikeway System in
Taiwan in 2002. This program will involve approximately
21 billion New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) of investment over
five years (Chang, 2003). Meanwhile in Philippines, the
World Bank approved a grant amounting to 1.3 million US
**Corresponding Author: Fortunato B. de la Peña Jr.
Email address: fbdelapena@yahoo.com
dollars to help build 60 kilometers of bikeways in
Marikina City (Pablo, 2009). There have been a lot of
infrastructure and policy improvements that were
implemented in other regions during the recent years,
these developments clearly signify the upward direction of
cycling and its increasing significance. The student
population occupy a substantial share of the total biking
population, ridership among the students have grown a
wider margin along with the global trend.
Research objective
The study examines bicycle use among university students
and its relationship among other correlates such as
in-campus lifestyle, using gathered data on student bicycle
riders, bicycling behavior, and the cycling environment.
The study objectively and subjectively takes into account
the connection of the built environment, machine, and
operation in able to obtain a more comprehensive finding...
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