A Comparative as Against a Dayscholar

Topics: Hostel Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Hostel vs Day scholar
It’s that time of the year when students are running around with their results, applying to all the possible universities, for their admission. And once that is done, the next thing to be decided is hostel and accommodations. While for most hostel life spells excitement and the impending freedom brings an oh-so-lovely smile on their face, there are those for whom the anxiety of being away from home and meeting a whole bunch of new people might prove to be scary. Home care

The day scholars on the other hand, thank their stars that they live with their parents and don’t have to deal with issues such as hostel ragging, bad food, and homesickness but they surely do envy the freedom and independence of their hostel buddies. As Tania, a student of St. Xavier’s says, “I like home only because I’m lazy and won’t have to do work. But I guess staying alone makes you more independent as you have more responsibilities. So I think staying out for at least a year will do you good in the long run. It’s good to lead a hassle free life with no bills to worry about, feels Suzanne, a day scholar. If you fall ill, you have your parents right next to you to take care of you, but sometimes you wish that you had the freedom of hostel life. She says when you are forced to do chores such as washing your clothes, making your bed and taking care of your own things, a sense of responsibility and maturity dawns on you that otherwise doesn’t, while you are still living with your folks. Yohan Mathew, a student of IIT-B says, “Hostel life helps you make completely independent decisions, which is what you will have to end up doing after college, so it’s good training in a safer environment. Plus there is the advantage of meeting all types of people. And, it encourages the student to take part in the intra/inter-hostel activities, since it’s a smaller stage, so there is less embarrassment or shyness. Also, you develop a close relationship with the people you generally...
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