A Company's Document Retention Policy

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Document Retention Policy
It is a company policy to maintain a complete, accurate, understandable, and high quality records. The company record are to be retained for the period of their immediate use, unless a longer retention period is needed for reference, legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements Records that have satisfied their required period of retention and no longer required, should be destroyed. No member of upper management, supervisor, and employee of a company should destroy knowingly a document with the intention of obstructing and influence an investigation or administration of any mater within the jurisdiction of any government department, agency, or in relation to contemplation of any such case or matter. This policy will cover all documents and records of the company (Kiva, 2012). The company reserves the right to amend, alter, and terminate this policy at any time. Responsibility for Upper management or Administration

The company upper management or Administration should be responsible for administering this policy. Statement of Policy
* To comply with applicable regulatory and legal duties to retain documents and records * Retain all documents and records need for the company business purposed, including administration of the company ongoing business relationships * Therefore, the company expect and directs all upper management, administration, and employees to follow the procedures and rules set forth herein. Please be aware when this policy states documents it includes not only documents in paper form, all other forms of electronically stored information, such as e-mail messages. In addition, be aware that the procedures and rules apply to all electronic devices, such as computers, etc. given to the employees by the company for use in the business of the company, regardless of whether those computer or other devices the is used on company grounds or elsewhere. Procedures and Rules

1. Be advise that from...
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