A Comeback for the Uaw

Topics: Collective bargaining, Employment, Trade union Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 29, 2013

A Comeback for the UAW

Unions have been able to bring large groups in the workforce together to be able to collectively bargain for the better good of the group. Without being part of a union your voice may not reach upper management, in order to make a difference. Working together unions are able to provide security to the workforce by guaranteeing fair and equal wages for equal work, increased wages or benefits, and ensuring safe work environments just to name a few contributions. The writer believes that GM’s work force could have a large turn over by the time the next contract is due bringing in younger workers who are offered lower wages and less benefits. Wallace believes that the younger workforce will demand that the union renegotiate the contract in their favor to get them better wages and protect their rights when the new contract is reviewed (Wallace, 2007). If employees feel that cut backs are coming such as lay off, budget cutting, reduced hours, pay, and benefits the workforce will come together to protect themselves all the while strengthening the union. UAW union may find it necessary to sign up the American workforce of foreign car companies to help support their cause. Together they could have the negotiating power needed to go up against GM and come out with the majority of the union’s needs and wants. I would have to agree with the writer on this issue. Labor unions represent worker interests and the collective bargaining process provides a way to manage the conflict (Noe, 2009 page 401). The union’s membership enrollment normally goes up in times of uncertainty. With the rising cost of living, health care, and education, newer workers who are being hired at lower wages may be more willing to join a union in order to have their benefits protected. I believe that besides compensation costs, HRM is faced with globalization, rapid changes, and technology. One...
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