A Colorblind Society Will Not Work

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  • Published : September 14, 2008
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Our society have been longed plagued by the question, are we able to achieve a "Color Blind Society." There are a number of factors which may contribute to the breakdown of this idea in question. While it may be simply addressing issues of equality among minorities it also raises the concerns of the non-minorities not to address racism and oppression. For a minority or anyone for that matter to state that we can and should have a color-blind society is ignoring the reality of racial existence and ignorance.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was noted with a myth of having this vision. In his "I have a Dream Speech," a statement which stands out in everybody's mind is "To be judged not by the color our of skin but for the content of our character" (King, 1963), he implements the idea of racial equality, but realizes racial identity will cease to exist.

Another problem of the "Color Blind Society" is forgetting that one of the many ways people identify themselves is by race. To be blind to this fact is to ignore an obvious racial or ethnic identity. Nonetheless to ignore this facet of a color-blinding a society is to abandoned one's heritage and roots, despite what ethnic group minority or majority one belongs to. This suggestion of a color-blind society is far fetched and nearly accepts the idea of not acknowledging racism to exist among minorities.

Dr. King's thoughts of racial equality might have been taken out of context. Even though he mentions for his fellow brothers and sisters to be judged on their character and not color, he is not implying he wanted his Black brothers and sisters to forget and ignore who they are. He recognized the significance of the being disadvantaged as a Black American. In his "Letter from Birmingham Jail," he makes reference to the "Negro's" problem in communities and the segregation in the city of Birmingham. He expresses his concerns of how their homes and churches are the target of more racially motivated crimes in...
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