A College Education For Everyone

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In todays society, having a college education is one of the single most important factors when applying for a job. Employers expect at the minimum for applicants to have an Associates degree. However, many employers prefer hiring individuals who have obtained a bachelors degree or higher. In “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, Charles Murray discusses the importance of Americans sharing the same basic core knowledge (223). Having a college degree makes an individual more money than an individual who just has a high school diploma. It provides people with a wide variety of opportunity regarding career paths and educational experiences. Those who obtain a college degree often times have a more secure future regarding their job and if they decide to advance to a different job. With a degree individuals have the will power to move a different job without worrying about not meeting certain job requirements. Lastly, having a college degree secures an individual future by providing an educational safety net. Although critics claim that the cost of college is overwhelming, all people should seek a higher education after high school.

In “Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission?”, Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus discuss the current hardship that many college students face-student loans (179). Many people cannot afford to go to their dream college due to overpriced admission. Critics argue that due to the financial burdens associated with obtaining an education higher than high school diploma, not everyone should to go to college. Those individuals are better off working and starting their futures, rather than wasting their time in school and being forced to face the financial hardships that are associated with college later in life. Although there is no doubt that the financial burdens college students face can remain with them for a lifetime, there is an alternate root that can get individuals where they want to be education wise, with less than $20,000 in...
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