A Closer Look at Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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  • Published : July 13, 2012
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A Closer look at Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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The profession that I am most interested in is a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I have known that I had a very deep interest in this field for about six years now from my own personal experiences and also my desire to help others in some way with the career that I ultimately decided on. I will go on to explain what a Sonographer is and the details of all aspects of this profession. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers use high frequency radio waves to explore the soft tissues in the body through the reflections. Though, most think of obstetrics when they think of a Sonographer, it is much more than images of unborn babies that are viewed. Using a transducer the Sonographer directs the patient on how to sit or lay to produce the best image that is recorded and in turn viewed by a physician for interpretation and diagnosis. Though it depends on the area, most of the time, a special gel is used to aid in the image quality. The Sonographer is trained to decipher between healthy and unhealthy areas and decide which images will be passed on to the physician. These trained individuals not only work with the patients and doctors, but maintain equipment and should be able to assist in lifting people when necessary. There are many branches to go into specializing in the Sonography field. Many Sonographers specialize in a certain area of the body, with the most well-known being gynecologic and obstetrics. Others go into breast, neurosonography, abdominal, vascular, or cardiac sonography. These all require a prior associate’s or bachelor’s degree that is in health care with direct patient care being a must. Students must also have taken a communications course along with physics and mathematics pass a background check, be current on vaccinations, and have a structured rigorous clinical and class schedule for two years to complete the...
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