A Clockwork Orange Book

Topics: A Clockwork Orange, Ludovico technique, Anthony Burgess Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Alex is the leader of his gang, has a privileged place in it to enjoy hurting, controlling every detail. Nothing escapes his approval in his misdeeds, and he and the rest enjoy being violent. Gets a unique pleasure to see blood, that is linked to music. Both make him feel an indescribable pleasure when he hits someone. Music is used against him in Ludovico treatment as aversion therapy of violence, and is associated to negative feeling that hurts and makes him feel physically ill (Classical conditioning: stimulus-response).

At the same time he can behave with their parents or doctors at the rehabilitation center, in order to get what they want, which is to have power over others.

They speak Nadsat, teen slang symbol of authority, ie in the context of "A Clockwork Orange”, Alex and his droogs don’t talk weird, if not the reader if he doesn’t blend with social context.

The Nadsat is a core element of their personality and shows his way to face the world, as Geoffrey says Shapless ( Clockwork Education: The Persistence of the Arnoldian Ideal Postmodern Culture 4.3) "is an obvious and direct element"

With the same object, Alex wears peculiar clothing, that determines its rank within the gang. This is when they wear masks to enter somewhere to steal and Dim uses clown’s one.

Alex has a direct confrontation with Dim and shows his status within the group beating him: "Dim's got to learn his place. There has to be a leader. Discipline there has to be, right?” (ACO p.29) He loses his position in the group when Dim betrays him and hands him to the police. Alex would be an outsider in the society of adults, but in the teen world has an important position.

In the final chapter (not included in the American version) Alex reflects on mortality and maturity: "Yes, brothers, my son. And now I felt this bolshy big hollow inside my plot, feeling very surprised too at myself. I knew what was happening. I was like growing up. Youth must go” (ACO p.190 ) Being...
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