A Clockwork Orange.

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Assault Pages: 6 (2081 words) Published: April 15, 2013
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Within futuristic London, many sexual and heinous crimes are committed by a group of young men and the retaliation of their victims seeking vengeance, often acting as vigilantes. The domino effect of the crimes ends up with offenders turning into victims and vice versa.

A group of young men, self proclaimed as a gang of “droogs” dress up during the night in white outfits, hats and masks and go around the city committing street crimes, assaulting random innocent people, raping some and ultimately killing two. Within the gang of “droogs” there is a ringleader named Alex who dominates and intimidates the rest of the group, Dim, Georgie, and Pete. They all have a lack of conscience, remorse and demonstrate extreme violent behavior ultimately exhibiting sociopathic qualities.

The gang’s first victim within the case is a homeless man sleeping under a bridge. The four young men first wake and then proceed to beat the homeless man with batons, assaulting him as he begs them to stop while stating that the law is not like what it used to be. Clearly outnumbered and unable to protect himself as he is homeless and already laying on the ground while the gang stand tall with weapons, he is an ideal victim that the droogs overpower. His extreme vulnerability is the reason the droogs target him.

The gang’s next overlooked victims are the victims of the accidents caused by their reckless driving. The droogs play “hogs of the road” while driving and force any car or motorcycle off the road into nearby trees. Their sick need to torture anyone that passes their path is to be noted in their psychological profile.

Alex, the ringleader of the gang is sexually abused by his post corrective officer, Mr. Deltoid. While Alex’s parents enable Mr. Deltoid by frequently giving him the keys to their home and allowing him to actively participate in their son’s life, he touches Alex inappropriately and inadvertently leads him to continue pursuing crimes against males.

Alex’s parents are not only enablers to his sexual predator, but they are enablers to his own crimes. His parents serve a role in this as they never ask questions, never demand answers and let him freely roam and skip school even though they are aware he is most likely up to no good. Their neglect allows him the room to commit the crimes he does.

The droogs force their way into a couple’s home by acting out a skit that entails being involved in an accident to convince unexpecting victims to “use their phones” yet actually assault them once let in. They victimize the couple by assaulting them both and raping the wife. The husband is paralyzed from the assault and needs a wheelchair to get around and his wife eventually passes due to complications of the rape. The husband is never given his retribution as a victim and compensated for his loss of control over his body, his paralysis, his wife’s death which later manifests into a true hatred for the government that causes him to later be an offender himself. Had the government not blamed the victim and wrote him off as crazy, he may have not developed a just world look outlook.

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Alex doesn’t just torture other people, but he victimizes those within his own gang. Alex often bullies and picks on Dim which upsets Georgie. When they confront him on such matters, Alex silences them through intimidation. When given opportunity, he strikes and assaults Dim, slicing his hand with a knife and pushing Georgie into a river.

When pulling another fake accident skit, the droogs try to convince Ms. Weathers, a random woman, to let them into her home but because of what she’s read in the papers about a similar assault, her victimization prevention leads her to refuse to let them in and call the police. Her awareness of other assaults taught her to not be fooled which...
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