A Christmas to Remember

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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One Christmas when I was little I was sitting around the tree with my mom and sister just like we’re doing tonight. I was cold and snowing outside but we didn’t care about how cold it was outside we were sitting around the fire telling stories just like a happy family should do. The last story we told was the story of the birth of Jesus. Then right at the end where Mary and joseph were leaving the stables and fleeing Bethlehem for the safety of baby Jesus. Outside I heard sirens coming from all different ways, I was curious about what was going on outside the neighbors were all outside running down the street. We put on our coats and we too followed the crowd fire trucks passing us by. We got closer and the Johnson’s house was on fire they were all outside safely but the house was completely destroyed. So as their neighbors and as Christians my mom decided to let them stay with us through the Christmas holiday until they found somewhere else to stay. so my parents let them of course stay with us. they lost everything in the fire, they lost their clothes, their furniture, even all their christmas toys and gifts they already had underneath the tree. they lost everything they had. and now they'll spend christmas with us hopefully it will be a great one. i overheard my parents talking this morning around the table everyone else was stil sleeping. they were going to go out later and get some things for the johnson's kids so they wouldnt feel out of place come christmas morning.
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