A Christmas Memory Literature Text

Topics: Christmas tree, Mind, Thought Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Chloe Isaac 151-2
Literature Text 10/13/09 Pg. 323

1. Buddy’s friend is different than other 60 year olds because of her mentality: she has the mind of a child, and thinks in the same way as a person of a younger age would.

2. This Christmas is so memorable to Buddy because it is the final Christmas he spends with his beloved friend.

3. After this final Christmas, Buddy’s family members (that have control over him) send Buddy to a military school, separating them from each other. From that point on, the only way of speaking to each other they have is writing letters.

4. My impression of Buddy’s friend is that she is very young at heart, confident in her own personal beliefs. In the story, on the evening before Christmas, Buddy’s friend couldn’t sleep, just as Buddy couldn’t sleep. They both had the same thought process at breakfast time, only thinking of the gifts that they would receive (pg. 321) and not being able to sit still or eat. This shows to me as a reader that Buddy’s friend is very child-like. She shows confidence in her own beliefs when she and Buddy go to find a Christmas tree (pg. 319). Another person offers to buy the Christmas tree Buddy and his friend found, but Buddy’s friend refuses, saying “There’s never two of anything.” She also always talks about God and His influence in her life, especially at the end of the story, when she talks about seeing God in everyday events (pg. 322).

5. I think Buddy and his friend have such a good relationship for a few reasons. They are both treated in the same way at home: looked down upon. The other inhabitants of the house view both Buddy and his friend as insignificant in a way, and they bond over this. For example, on page 317, when Buddy’s friend is yelled at for giving Buddy whiskey, Buddy comforts her, immediately making her feel better (pg. 318). Buddy and his friend also...
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