A Christmas Carol 1847

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Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The first Stanza of a Christmas, represent the narrative style fast and strong. A passage that forbears the introduction of spirits, ghosts, and utmost horror, Line one represent a set of systematically sequence which will begin. The introduction to the first spirit that Dickens uses symbolic gestures, the claw which represent the negative thought of want in this case Scrooge represent greed, and apathy and any think that stand in the way of Christmas spirit. Also see the (Goblin.) and (Gabriel Grub) a nasty old man who detest Christmas and refuses to celebrate Christmas the parallel between scrooge and the Goblin are apparent

The claw is a symbol used to describe the heartless character of scrooge, which is cruel and apathy, also there is a tone of emotion as the spirit regards the claw as the flesh upon him. See line 2-6 the spirit reveals two children one illustrates want and the other illustrates ignorance. To show scrooge the meaning of sharing, giving, and receiving. After the industrial revolution, led to massive consequence between the rich and poor the gap widened. Scrooge is extremely rich, one of the elite of the time. The spirit wants scrooge to regard the poor. The boy and girl under the spirit robe symbolises children of mankind respectively, the spirit using the children in the hope that scrooge can amend his ways, and change for the better, see (Kucic,1944 p385)

Scrooge still despises the children, and regards them as poor with the entire stigma that attributes to their condition. He wishes they would die to decrease the surplus of the population. He suggest whether the have any resources or refugee, scrooge still apparent heavily ignore poverty, and is still blinded to the people problems. He has acquired large amount of capital, yet refuses to share it, and help people less fortunate then himself...

The closing stanza reveals the transformation of scrooge, by super natural intervention See pipa in...
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