A Christian Worldview Essay

Topics: God, Monotheism, God in Christianity Pages: 6 (2376 words) Published: October 23, 2012
The personal worldview of a person really affects his actions, so it is important for a Christian to well understand this world we live in. Many philosophy had been develop, all trying to explain how the world is, how things work. But they all fail to show the veracity of the complicated system of this big world. The reason is they throw away the key and try to open the big door. The actual insanity of the world is nothing new under the sun. Since man had sin, people lay away the truth. The only ultimate source of truth is God, and only with Him can any answer be found. Since the problem of the world is the rejection of truth, I think understanding what truth is is important. I believe that truth is whatever affirms reality as God sees it. So for anything to be true, it has to match with that definition. “I’m the way and the truth…” John 14:6. They only way to truth is God. Man had totally lost the touch of reality and put themselves in the state of common insanity. And this is the reason Jesus was born; “to testify to the truth” John 18:37. Without truth man is unable to find the presence of God. For salvation is when a person accepts God truth as reality. Even though people rejected the source of truth, they still want to know what is real. Man has before himself a lot of big philosophical questions. What is reality? What does it mean to exist? If I exist, why do I exist? How do I know I exist? What is the purpose of life? The answer to these questions affect the way man view self and others. Naturalism believes that only nature; what you can see, touch, and feel, exists. They believe that the world is a Cosmic Cube; everything is inside the cube, and nothing behind it. They take God away from the picture. The implications to the naturalistic philosophy are that there is no God or purposive forces; no free will; no life after death; no real meaning of life. Utilitarian is to believe that you should do what you think is good. So according to these philosophies, man is free to do anything as long as he thinks it is good. Still away from the truth, people want to know what is right and wrong. Ethics is the study of what is right and wrong. Man is trying to find what is right and wrong based on what most people think. Some people believe that there is no absolute true. Man fails to find the answer to the big questions in their philosophy of naturalism and postmodernism. I believe that man has been created dualistic, at the image of God and innocent. Then man sinned, and sent to the fallen mode, which lead to hell. The only way for man to get out of that mode is to accept the truth, and go the redemption mode where they will be either glorified of sanctified. But the naturalistic philosophy teaches that man is rather monistic; made only of the body and have no free will. Abraham Maslow said that the higher need that man can reach is the self-actualization; the need for development and creativity. There is no supernatural power according to the naturalistic philosophy. Philosopher such as Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers said that human is good by nature. Carl Rogers said “Evil is not inherent in human nature.” If human is good by nature, then why does evil is found at every corner of the world? What those philosophers are saying does not make any sense. Where does evil come from if it is not inherent in human nature? “Human is good,” Abraham Maslow said, “but religion, culture, made him bad, by making him feel guilty about what he wants to do.” In a secular worldview, evil come from anything that hold man back from his desire. So Christianity is what they blame for the existence of evil. Theology is the study of the existence, nature, and attributes of God. It is impossible to completely describe God, but I believe that knowing God is very important. When we come to know God, we have a better knowledge of ourselves. We then realize how small we really are and how big and powerful God is. When we know God we have a good self...
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