A Chip of Ruby Glass

Topics: Nadine Gordimer, Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: May 20, 2013
“A Chip of Ruby Glass” Thesis Essay

Take a moment, imagine your life without learning opportunities, knowing no matter how hard you try, your life will still end up being a shoe-shiner, or maybe worse. Once you finished, take a look at history, see what the life of the black was like and relate to them. Many have died, sacrifice their life for the banishment of racism, and so did the people who agrees with it; the oppression they were under was unbelievable, it drove thousands crazy and finally, somewhere, somehow, someone will stand up and fight for justice, even if it costs his life. In the short story “A Chip of Ruby Glass”, Nadine Gordimer created a courageous character, Mrs. Bamjee, Girlie ; to send us a message saying that fighting for the weaker is everyone’s responsibility, we must not quit fighting even though we failed at times. Everything started to get serious when the duplicator machine was brought into the house. “When the duplicating machine was brought into the house… Let them go ahead with it.” (630). This is where the story begins, Mrs. Bamjee brings a duplicating machine home with a black taxi driver as Nadine described. This machine was used to print or produce protesting leaflets against the government. Her plan was to tell the natives to stay at home during workday, burn their pass to fight for freedom and let the government see. Mrs. Bamjee here, she’s not just a believer who agrees with people, she’s the one who’s willing to fight, to bring troubles upon herself for other, which is bringing the duplicator home and print illegal leaflets to show the government that they are wrong and the black deserves to be treated equally as the white even though the situation doesn’t affect her and her family a bit. Mrs. Bamjee clearly recognizes that fighting for others is her responsibility as well as others’. Mrs. Bamjee’s plan to pass out the leaflets failed, she was taken away to prison along with her duplicator. Mrs. Bamjee just wouldn’t give up...
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