A Childhood Dream

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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A Childhood Dream
It seems as if it was yesterday, I was at home standing on my couch with a fake microphone in my hand. I would sing, or rather yell, to the lyrics of “Thriller” by heart with no intention of stopping. Yet today, although singing is undoubtedly not my forte, I still find the happiness and sense of freedom I felt on that couch with the microphone in my hand. Michael Jackson was like my real-life Peter Pan, who could rescue me from reality and whisk me away into a magical, joyous land of moonwalking. Although it took me years to realize, he made my ordinary childhood an unforgettable one. Not only was Michael Jackson one of the greatest entertainers to live, but he was also a great inspiration through his music, humanitarianism, and bravery. Michael Jackson was more than just a great musician; he was a son, a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, an influencing member of society, and an entertainer. Throughout his fame, it is easy to criticize and sully his reputation, but especially after his death in 2009, people throughout the world were reminded how Jackson helped revolutionize the music industry and pop culture. Obviously Jackson made million-dollar-making records, but what made him stand out from many other great artists was his musical influence on others, such as Madonna, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. He had so many dimensions as a performer, that artists couldn’t help but envy and strive to be an entertainer like himself. With his trademark single white glove, his sequined red jacket, and his agility and lightness of foot, Michael moved with a certain flair. It was clear that he belonged on the stage, aweing audiences throughout several decades. People could never forget the day that he moonwalked across the stage, sending fans into frenzy. For many generations later, Jackson was an influence not only because he was the first to “cross over”, but also bring a new sensation of pop into the R&B scene. American popular music has...
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