A Child with Cleft Lip

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Surfacing the Lived Experience of Filipino Mothers: A Child with Cleft Lip Chapter 1
Nowadays, a lot of mother is having a cleft lip child that found out after the birth and even not knows the cause of the problem. They feel distressed and guilty or sometimes blaming their self. Caring a child who cannot feed is another exhausting situation to the mother. It is important to take good care of them and accept the condition. Mother influence also nurtures the psychosocial perception of the child. The expectation, attitudes and support shown by the mother can influence the child behavior in their existing condition. They become tolerable one or being protective, but treat them as normal as the same by the other child. Furthermore, once aware of that the child with cleft lip may not be communicate in a regular manner as the other child can do.

Working in a child with cleft lip is challenging. It may become frustrating, burden and sometimes disappointing. It requires patience, dedication and understanding and above all the love we can give to them. This challenge is shared by pediatricians, psychologist, social worker, speech therapist, special education teachers, nurses, and parents of persons with cleft lip and foremost by individuals with cleft lip.

Kirschner and La Rossa, 2000, stated that, cleft lip and palate may be caused by exposure to teratogens such as alcohol, anticonvulsant and isotretinoin, but there is little evidence to link isolated clefts to any single teratogenic agent with the exception of phenytoin. Use of phenytoin during pregnancy is associated with tenfold increase in the incidence of cleft lip. The incidence of cleft lip among mother who smoke during pregnancy is twice as great as the incidence is mother who does not smoke during pregnancy.

What is being done to improve the personality and boost self esteem of the child? How the parents provide the special needs of the child with regards to their education, nutrition, speech etc. How they help to socialize the child with other?

So many questions are asked. Yet, there are few answers. There is a lot concern that address with regards to parenting to a child with cleft lip. Mother is the key source of essential information needed to address challenges faced by child with cleft lip. It is in this light that this research will be conducted. It sought to identify the concerns and problems faced by mother in caring of a child with cleft lip.

Approximately 7,000 newborns (one of every 930 births) are born with cleft lip and/or cleft palate each year in the United States. Cleft lip and palate describe a condition in which a split remains in the lip and roof of the mouth. Although cleft lip and palate are two distinct anomalies, they frequently occur together. Cleft lip with or without cleft palate occurs in 60-75% of the cases. Twenty-five to forty percent are isolated cleft palate. During growth in utero (in the womb) the lip or palate, which develop from the edges toward the middle, fail to grow together. Such a failure is a consequence of the abnormal migration and proliferation of facial embryonic tissues called mesenchyme. The defect occurs most often among Asians and certain Native American groups, less frequently among whites, and least often among African Americans. (Thomas, 2000)

Statistically, approximately one in every 600 newborn babies will be born cleft. We may say that in the Philippines there are one cleft in every 500 newborns. There are some racial differences in the incidence of clefts.

There is a need to establish grounds on which to base efforts to develop better, appropriate and effective programs that suit the quality of life the person with cleft lip. It is preferred that a child with anomalies specifically cleft lip be taught to assure an aggressive role and a sense of leadership. Mother of a child with cleft lip is in the best position to provide the information needed....
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