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A Child called “It”
When I read the book “The child called it”, for a second I thought that it was a make believe story. It’s really sad to see that these stories are real and they happen day by day in this world. The story of David Pelzer was a story that touched my heart because when you are a little boy the number one thing that you really want is someone to give you love and a place to call home, David Pelzer had an awful childhood, he grew up with so much pain. I believe he decided to write this book, because in some way it makes him feel better. When he grew up he let go of his past and wrote his nightmare so everyone knows there is danger in this world but you can live life even when you are mistreated. This is a story of a little boy living in hell and nobody out of his family circle could even imagine what was going on. That makes me think of how many kids go through the same thing and I have no clue.

This little boy grew up with an alcoholic mother that couldn’t take care of herself let alone her son. She couldn’t provide for him food, clothes and all the things that a little boy needs and other things like love and caring which is something that every kid wants. After a while, people start noticing that something was wrong with this boy. He would always wear the same clothes, he was always away from people, he would never let anyone near him or close to him to let people know what he was going through. His mother would leave him starving for a long time if he didn’t finish his shores. After being removed from his home, thinking he was going to a better place and imagining he was going to be free from the situation he had been living trough, He was placed in a foster home where he thought he was in paradise, where he had actually found good parents who would love him and take care of him. After a while things started getting bad, when his foster dad left, his mom started drinking more and it got to the point where she lost control and started...
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