A Child Called "It".

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Book Report on “A child called “IT”
A child called IT by Dave Pelzer
Daly City, California 1960’s-1970
The main characters were the mother, Dave, the father and the teachers who helped him get out of this trap. The mother was the meanest out of all of them she was the main culprit. The rest were quite serious. The mother and Dave were described in details and there were only a few details about the father and the teachers. The found Dave the most interesting, most sympathetic character as he went through so much no one could bear so much. There were a lot of conflicts going on as Dave's mother was fighting with his father and Dave fighting for justice there is a relationship between the father and the son but Dave's mother keeps coming in between. The book begins with the people at Dave's school finally report Dave and his condition to the authorities. Then he tells us about his past when he still lived in a happy, normal family. Dave had a mother, father and 2 older brothers. While his Father is at work as a fire fighter, his mother turns to alcohol. She starts treating Dave like an animal and makes him lives in the garage and sleeps there too. She would grab him and smash him in the mirror, when the family is having dinner she would make him sit in a POW (prisoner of war) position. Sometimes she would make him starve for days. Dave then planned steal food from other children's bag but he was caught and his mom was called to the principal's office then when he went home his mother told him to go to the toilet and wait there she came there with ammonia on a spoon and made Dave drink it. Once everyone finished eating dinner Dave had to wash all dishes in a limited time and then he would probably get all the leftovers to eat. He started going through the bin at night to look for the leftover food and he would eat it, but that didn't go on for long Dave was caught. Dave yet did not stop looking for food he started begging for food on the way to school but once he...
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