A Child's Socialization Agents

Topics: Peer group, Extracurricular activity, Self Pages: 4 (1275 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Final Essay

"The social context of individual interactions and experiences determines the degree to which individuals can develop their abilities and realize their potentials".(Bronfenbreener & Morris, 1998) Though some Microsystems may be more prominent then others, we are all influenced and effected by the socializing agents within our family, community, child care or school, the media, and our peers. These small settings make the most significant impact on our lives and aid in our socialization complexity. In order for a child to have a positive socialization experience, each Microsystem must consist of appropriate influences and encourage a child to have a positive self image.

The family's main function is support and it is the most impacting Microsystem on a child. In order for the child to be positively effected by their family, I would recommend that the family practice open communication. It is essential that a child is able to articulate with their family, as well as others, their thoughts and emotions. I feel that cohesiveness is another vital practice a family should participate in because it gets everyone in the family involved with each other. When family members are able to spend time with one another, they become closer and feel the presence of support. As a child, I felt I needed more of the display of love and acceptance that would in return, give me more security with myself and others. I would also recommend family members practice this because when a child feels loved and accepted for who they are, they are more likely to succeed and have a higher self esteem. Every family has problems and their own way of working thorough them; if the family develops a way to cope effectively with these problems there is also a greater chance that the child will be able to do so with other problems. Again, as a child I was introduced to a variety of problems within my family yet, there was little effective coping with these problems. I feel if I had...
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