A Chic Critique

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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“A Chic Critique”

The article “A chic critique” written by Karen Wright mainly focuses on how “people react strongly to critisim no matter how it is delivered” and that “negative feedback is essential for negotiating life and social relations”. After reading this article, I strongly agree with Karen Wright and recongnize her personal experiences along with references to figures of authority. I strongly believe that in today’s society we are not taught in either giving or receiving criticism to or from others; although most of our growth and learning comes from opinions, experiences and interactions with others.

According to Karen Wright, “criticism is by definition something no one wants to hear”. I can simply relate to Karen’s opinion because I’ve experienced my own personal war with critism. In the past, I’ve spent hours, even days thinking about even the smallest of critical comments made by others; it still happens but for the most part, I am training myself how to effectively handle critical comments that might just “annoy” me and “threaten” my identity.

Karen Wright includes research from Peter Gray, a research psychologist at Boston College who has studied criticism and its effects on people. Gray states that “it’s important to recognize that it’s human nature not to want unsolicited negative advice” from others. I believe Gray’s opinion on this is correct, although I also accept as true that without the criticism of others, we would be unable to improve and grow as human beings.

William Doherty, a family psychologist, speaks upon the issue of uninvited criticism. He states that we can only accept effective criticism from someone who we have already explicitly assigned the role to, such as a teacher, or coach, otherwise one not of authority is not eligible to give pointers. I disagree with this statement, I believe all criticism is taken negatively towards whom is receiving it, although people may feel more comfortable receiving critical...
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