A Character Sketch of Mustapha Mond in Brave New World

Topics: Brave New World, The World State, Aldous Huxley Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Mustapha Mond Character Sketch

It is said that a great leader must always lead by example. This is not always true, a leader must sometimes partake in some negative activities in order to protect the interests of the populous. An excellent example of this is Mustapha Mond. When one first meets Mustapha Mond, it is obvious that he is distinctly different from the other alpha plusses; Mond is unique, wise, and authoritative. Mustapha Mond is unique in part because he reads prohibited literature. Unlike the other denizens of Brave New World, Mond has read the classic works of Shakespeare, the Bible, and other remnants of the old world. Additionally, he believes in the presence of god. This is a concept unknown to most of the populous, because society has made god unnecessary; when no one is ever alone or unhappy, they do not need to request things from god. Mond used to be an inquisitive scientist; he was smart enough to realize that the so-called science they practiced was not real innovation, thus he started to experiment on his own or in Mond's words, " 'I started doing a bit of cooking on my own. Unorthodox cooking, illicit cooking. A bit of real science' "(226). Doing things in private, let alone doing science in private is something unheard of in

Brave New World. Although, being the only man in a world full of sheep, can be a good trait to a leader. Mond is wise, thus a good leader. He understands the big picture. One example of this ability, is that he recognizes that the high arts cannot exist without strife. The current society has nearly no pain, no sorrow, no loneliness, and none of the detrimental negative emotions that are necessary to understand works of high art, such as Othello. He recognizes that the populous would no longer understand classics like Romeo and Juliet. Additionally, he recognizes that however much workers may request for shorter hours, the truth is, they are happier working the longer work days. This is because, workers have...
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