A Character Analysis of Mrs. Alice Garton in Berlie Dohertie's “Dear Nobody”

Topics: Pregnancy, Family, Mother Pages: 4 (1514 words) Published: December 26, 2012
A Character Analysis of Mrs. Alice Garton in Berlie Dohertie's “Dear Nobody”

In the novel “Dear Nobody” by Berlie Dohertie, Alice garton is a mother of helen garton, which has a strong hold in decency and rather uncommunicative even to her children. In spite of the fact that her daughter is pregnant she gradually show her acceptance toward all her daughter decision even though she show a lot of rejection toward her daughter decision at first. She wants helen to have a bright future, but she doesnt always make a good decision. Alice undergoes a lot of event that make her change gradually, for example when she finds out about helen's pregnancy, when alice refuse the abortion and adoption, and when helen give birth. His strengths are that she is thoughtful and accepting and her weaknesses are that she is secretive, uncommunicative, and insistent

Alice is actually an accepting person despite all her efforts to reject the baby. After alice finds out that her daughter is pregnant, alice is indeed really in anger since she is holding decency as her life rule but then as the time passes, she starts to show her acceptance. “then i'll buy it,” she said. “and we'll make a loose dress for you, to keep you cool.” she could have bought me a maternity dress; any number. But it wouldn't have been the same. And i knew it” (page 159), from this quote it shows that even when the first time she finds out about helen's pregnancy she is really in fury and even telling helen to have an abortion surgery, but as the time passed she tries to accept helen's pregnancy by making her a loose dress. This loose dress symbolise her acceptance toward helens pregnancy since she could just buy a maternity dress for helen but she chooses to buy a nice blue soft cloth material and make her own loose dress for helen. after helen has delivered her baby, alice also show her acceptance toward the baby, “when i finished feeding amy and was just about to put her down , all milky-sweet and sleepy,...
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