A Change of View

Topics: Family Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Sabrina Wang
Pre-AP English 10
Mr. Blank/Period 5
October 15th, 2012

A Change of View
1When we are born, we are born with a name. This name does not fit, not quite, not yet. It hangs loose from our bodies in colorless tangles, just a tad too long at the arms, and a little too baggy at the waistband. This name symbolizes the existence of an individual, one that does not yet exist. Just as physical traits are determined by our parents and their DNA, mental traits are programmed much the same way. Our ideals, values, and morals come prepackaged, set by our parents and how they raise us. They come in a cardboard box with our oversized names labeled on in scrawling black letters—a box ready to be broken out of, and a name ready to be grown into. And this, the emergence from one’s box as a developing free thinker, is growing up in itself. 2This simple act of budding maturity is illustrated in Faulkner’s Bildungsroman “Barn Burning,” 3where a young Colonel Sartoris Snopes begins to question the morality of his father’s actions. 4Because Sarty was caught between personal morality and his father’s belief in the primal importance of family, 5Sarty struggles with an intense inner conflict that brings him 6from supporting his father, to betrayal and its aftermath. 7In his deep longing for peace, Sarty is left with a changed view of the world and all in it. 4Yearning for peace, struggles between personal morality and familial obligation often result in drawn-out inner conflict. This is shown in Sarty’s story: though it begins with our young protagonist in support of his blood, he continually contemplates betrayal for moral purposes. 2This intense inner conflict is shown in Sarty’s reactions to pressure. While in the courthouse, Sarty’s father fully “aims for [his son] to lie” and Sarty is aware that “[he] will have to do hit.” However, when the young hero is faced with the accuser, “his father’s enemy,” Sarty must reinforce his position on the matter,...
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