A Change of Heart - Short Essay

Topics: Earth, Global warming, Universe Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: March 5, 2013
A Change of Heart

Warring nations scar even the very fabric of humanity but the scars that nature leaves in the surface of the earth are immense and unwrithingly painful. Even time can not heal the devastation that a civilization would undergo when nature decides the course that it should take. Billions of years ago, time when even man has not touched the abundance of the earth, massive extinctions have already caused much change. Time when the glorious age of the mighty dinosaurs were first recorded. The Tyrannausaurus Rex was once the mighty king of Dinoland and its subjects are its prey came to an end at exactly 2.5 billion years ago. What caused it? Climate change. Climate change is defined as the variation in temperatures as the warming and the cooling system of the planet continue – a system most definitely affected by the inhabitants of the earth. The rapid decline in temperatures was believed to be the main cause for the extinction of the dinosaurs but some think otherwise. Now, humanity, the descendants of the earth wherein the dinosaurs once roamed faces the very same power that caused their extinction. How can man survive this ill-fate when even the dinosaurs were not able to surpass it? How are we as a species of higher intelligence come up with solutions to fathom the consequences of climate change? Would the warring Arab Nations ever come to wake up to face the much distressing effects of a natural catastrophe that lies ahead or is it already too late for all of us? While it rains bullets and missiles in the Middle East, it rains cats and dogs in the provinces of Asia; while floods of blood and debris continue to litter the streets of warring countries, flood waters caused by countless Tsunamis hit the low lying districts of nearby continents; while the earth continues to shake beneath the battlelands, massive earthquakes shakes even the planet’s natural axis; while a pool of tears form in the hearts of the casualties of war, a puddle of tears...
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