A Change Is as Good as a Holiday.

Topics: Time, Debut albums, Universe Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: April 18, 2013
‘’A change is as good as a holiday… really?’’
According to my personal experience a change is better than a holiday. I changed my life by moving to another country, the UK, where I can create something and develop my life, unlike going on holiday for a short period of time and returning to do the same thing again. During my time in Iraq I enjoyed spending time with my family and I was happy as a clown. However, on April the 9th 2003 USA had a master plan to invade Iraq, as a child I was scared due to my parents clearly being worried; this made me anxious I was so terrified and shaken like an electric tooth brush. It was like I had adrenalin rush, I couldn’t sleep – I was alive with fear. As the army entered the city of Baghdad, Iraq... The sky was red like blazing flames and I could hear the bullets shoot through my ears like thunder. The gun powder rushed into my nose from the chimney from the fire place in the comfort of my own home. There were so many reasons why I had left my country with my family, and one of them was the war. However I’ve been through the hard times and I could’ve just stayed. Not knowing what my destiny would be but as a family we made the decision of leaving. We all agreed that if we left Iraq then we could all have a better life and could continue with our education to have the best life possible. Who wants to leave their home town? Obviously it was a struggle and to look back and leave behind everything and everyone I know: The home I grew in for 11 years and the place where my childhood was full with amazing memories. On the way to the airport I felt miserable; I was reluctant to get on the plane. I hesitated to step forward, however a decision has been made and I had no choice apart from getting on the plane as I knew that my dad was at the other end of the journey. The dream came true! My first step out of the plane towards success, I continued walking through the tunnel to see my dad for the first time in a year. I was bursting...
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