A Challenge You Faced and Overcame

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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April 2009 I started working at an Academy and I knew I had to bring all my good out because the pastor didn’t think I could the job. As weeks went by he seen I could do it. His fiancé knew I could do it and she had all the faith in me. As time pass pops (pastor new name I gave him) grew close to me. I grew close to both of them. I never had plans to get close to them like this. As I grew up in life I have always wanted a family, a mother and a father. Never did I think at the age of 19 god would send me my wish. I had my parents sitting right in front of me. Whenever I had problems I could talk to her and she would send me in the right direction. When it came to pops I was scared to talk to him about anything. Others tell me that am normal for the daughter to be afraid to talk to her dad. In July dad told me I was their daughter and they love me very much. That told me all my answers to my questions I had for them. I had been ready to make a change in my life and this was the time. For a minute I was scared to go to college but I knew as long as I had them I could do it. Pops was the first person I told that I was a college student now. He hugged me all day and told me he was proud of me. Later that night when I got alone I cried. For once I felt like I had someone on my side to help me make it. They are the best. Mom took a little ill and that hurt me. Her in pain didn’t think that could happen because she is so strong. Worrying is one thing that I do because I love her so much. She pushes me all the way. Times when I want to give up I say my daddy not going so I can’t stop playing. Dealing with them is a big challenge I have to face because I know they want the best for their baby girl.
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