A Case Study Report on Organisational Culture

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Executive Summary

This report provides a descriptive analysis of the organizational structure and culture that exists at the Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF). It goes further on to analyze leadership and communications as two problematic behavioral aspects at TPAF that could be addressed to improve organizational performance and concludes by detailing recommendations that can be undertaken to bring about these improvements. Information for the report was gathered from the organization’s website and published reports, personal observation and reference materials available through the USC online library. The report establishes that TPAF’s organization structure is what is typically referred to as a bureaucracy with functional departmentalization and high levels of standardization. Although TPAF has its own set of values that it would like its employees to practice, in reality a different work culture exists which is reluctant to adoption of changes. Leadership and communication issues have been identified as problematic areas that TPAF can address in order to improve it organizational performance. Streamlining of the decision making processes, adoption of transformational leadership traits by TPAF managers, interdepartmental meetings and better vertical and horizontal communications are some of the recommendations that TPAF can adopt in order to improve its performance.


Executive Summaryii
Introduction 1
Part I:TPAF’s Behavioral Characteristics
The Organization Structure2
The Organization Culture6
Part II:Analysis of Problematic Behavioral Dimensions
Behavioral Dimension 1: Leadership Issues at TPAF9
Behavioral Dimension 1: Communication Issues at TPAF11
Part III:Recommendations
Strategies for Organizational Improvement at TPAF14
References 17


The Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF) is a statutory organization established by the Parliament of the Republic of the Fiji Islands under the Training & Productivity Authority of Fiji Act of 2002 and succeeds the former Fiji National Training Council (FNTC); (, March, 2007). The latter was established in 1973 through the Fiji National Training Act, Cap 93 with a view towards addressing skill shortages in the country through provision of vocational training.

In this report we will be outlining TPAF’s key behavioral characteristics with strong emphasis on the organization structure and the work culture. We will then go further and conduct a systematic analysis of two behavioral dimensions that are causing problems at TPAF and finally we will make detailed recommendations on strategies that TPAF can employ to bring about changes to address these behavioral issues for the betterment of the organization.

The first part of the report is mainly a descriptive analysis of the present situation at TPAF and the information presented has been gathered from TPAF website, annual reports and personal observation. The second and third parts are more systematized analysis and the assessments are backed up by research on published literature in the organizational behavior field.

The overall aim of the report is to portray the existing situation at TPAF, analyze problematic issues that are impeding organizational development and make recommendations on strategies that can be implemented to address the problems.

PART I:TPAF’s Behavioral Characteristics

The Organization Structure
Overall TPAF’s organization structure is what German Sociologist Max Weber labeled a bureaucracy; an organization that relied on legal authority, logic and...
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