A Case Study on the Visionary Business Leader Mr. Samson H Chowdhury

Topics: Dhaka, Bangladesh Liberation War, Limited company Pages: 11 (3183 words) Published: September 4, 2012

1.Early Life
a)Education & Jobs
2.Business Career
Before 1971
Starting a small Pharmacy
Formation of Square Pharmaceuticals
After 1971
Moving to Dhaka
Rise to Prominence (1972-1987)
Other ventures
Current position
3.Philanthropic work
During & after the Liberation War
4.Personal Life
8.In the eyes of youth
Samson H Chowdhury

“He was a man of works, a silent walker, a man for devotion upon his works. We lost a great man , a successful man in every sense.”

Early Life

Samson H Chowdhury was born on February 25, 1926 in Hemayetpur, Pabna. He was the eldest child of Eakub H Chowdhry & Latika Chowdhury . His father was a medical officer while his mother was a homemaker. He had five brothers & a sister as his siblings. According to Dennis Dilip Datta, a retired development and church activist, Samson Chowdhury served the British Navy during the Second World War.

The ancestral house of the late Square Group Chairman Samson H Chowdhury in Ataikula, Pabna.

Education & Jobs:
Samson H Chowdhury completed his schooling from Kolkata Bishnupur High School from 1930 to 1940. He earned his Senior Cambridge Degree from there. At the age of 17 he went to Mumbai of India and joined the Naval Recruiting Agency. After finishing training he joined the academy as an employee and later served the British Navy during the Second World War. After leaving that job in 1946, he returned to what was then East Pakistan and completed a management training course jointly sponsored & conducted by University of Dhaka and Harvard University. After completing his education he returned to Pabna and joined the Postal Service in 1947.

When Samson H Chowdhury was a teenager (L) & a young man (R)

Business Career

Before 1971
Starting a small Pharmacy:
Samson H Chowdhury said in an interview, “It was my intention to become a businessman since my childhood.” To fulfill his ambition, in 1952 at the age of 27 Samson Chowdhury left his job in the postal service and started a small pharmacy in his home village Ataikula, Pabna. In Pabna, he befriended a newly passed Doctor named Rashid. Samson Chowdhury requested his doctor friend to attend his Pharmacy during the ‘Haatbars’. Formation of Square Pharmaceuticals:

During the 1940s, there was a Hindu pharmacist in Pabna who used to prepare Mixture for Malaria. The Hindu pharmacist migrated to India in 1947 and the new owner of the Pharmacy converted the pharmacy into a fully fledged drug company in 1948. The name of the company was Edruc Drugs & it was the first commercial pharmaceuticals of Bangladesh. Taking inspiration from this, Samson H Chowdhury & Dr. Rashid decided to form their own drug company in 1958. Captain Monsur Ali, who later went on to be Prime Minister of Bangladesh, was the then elected member of Parliament from Pabna & he was also Samson Chowdhury’s lawyer. Through him Samson Chowdhury met with United Fronts Health & Social Welfare Minister Dhirendranath Datta and won over him to receive a Drug Manufacturing license. With two other friends, he and Dr. Rashid formed Square Pharmaceuticals as a partnership firm with a capital of 15000 taka only. When asked why the name SQUARE was chosen he remembered - “We named it SQUARE because it was started by four friends and also because it signifies accuracy and perfection meaning quality.” By 1962, Square Pharmaceuticals was converted into a private chemical company.

The Logo of Square Pharmaceuticals

At first, Square Pharmaceuticals manufactured a few mixture syrups & tablets. By 1962, the venture turned into a profitable one. One by one his partners left the project, but Samson Chowdhury kept on working relentlessly without giving up. In the preface of the book ‘Ekti Jibon o Nirolosh Shongram’, Shova Adhikari gave a clearer picture of his struggle, “He was the owner,...
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