“ a Case Study on Hospitality: Toot- Toot Resort ” by Roberto R. Tabirara

Topics: Customer, Quality management, Customer service Pages: 7 (1696 words) Published: February 17, 2013

“ A CASE STUDY ON HOSPITALITY: Toot- toot Resort ”



On June 1st a couple went to Toot-toot resort with plans to relax alone and enjoy swimming in the beach. A staff named Gilbert confirmed that the beach is swimmable with Pesos 4,950 rate. At exactly 2 PM , they arrived , filled the guest card but was charged Pesos 5,300. The photos of the resort were OK but reality bites because what they expected was nothing close to it AT ALL. They were actually billed Pesos 4,450 on top of the deposit. Trixie ,the manager claimed that the beach is swimmable yet the reality is far from it because there were a lot of trash not suitable if you have children with you. They acted SUPER PROUD of their property even if there is image blow up which is a No-No as far as the Hospitality Industry is concerned.


1.. The OTHER receptionist commented “it’s June already, why do you charge them peak season rate”- RECEPTIONIST MISTAKE

2. The receptionist CHARGED the CARD TWICE but also made her sign the void transaction.

3. The customers found out that the room is still dirty and not ready for the next occupant. Hence a n opinion created that the resort is NOT that of Beautiful Beaches and All In One Paradise

4. The resort has lots of rocks along the beach and the sand is muddy. Not good for the children.

5 The customers saw big dirty pipes beside the swimming area, lots of trash like rubber wheels.

6. The resort was also insect infested due to its proximity to the mountains and rainforest


Opening Quote “ COMPLIANT IS A GIFT” by Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller

WHEN CUSTOMERS FEEL DISSATISFIED WITH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, they have two options: They can say something or they can walk away. If they walk away, they give organizations virtually no opportunity to fix their dissatisfaction. COMPLAINING CUSTOMERS ARE STILL TALKING WITH US, GIVING US THE OPPORTUNITY TO RETURN TO A STATE OF SATISFACTION so they will be more likely to buy from us again.. So as much as we might not like to receive negative feedback, CUSTOMERS WHO COMPLAIN ARE GIVING US A GIFT.


1.1 The HOSPITALITY industry is focused on “ the Promise & Premise” of giving Quality SERVICE – 24 X 7 X 365 – in order to deliver VALUE added SATISFACTON all year round.

1.2FRONT OFFICE SERVICES - Corporate CODE OF ETHICS specifically on this case on CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT do not only consider SERVICE FOCUS but also the sensitive issue of the promised service delivery & MOMENTS OF TRUTH.

1.3 In this toot-toot resort - the degree of the receptionist’s preparation, readiness and HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALISM are in question. How come she is not aware of the current date and the current price offer ? . How come the room is still dirty and with trash from the previous guests?

It is not easy to get and maintain a customer yet TOOT-TOOT RESORT neglect for proper ORIENTATION, TRAINING & HOSPITALITY DUE DILIGENCE shall create a couple of DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS that could take a revenge by via WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING – Compounded by the fact that the housekeeping were not informed that new guests are occupying the rooms late in the afternoon. COORDINATION WITH HOUSEKEEPING AND FRONT OFICE

1.4TRIXIE as a company manager failed to exude the Resort MANAGEMENT priorities. (As a manager of the resort she was supposedly acting with these functions in mind - Planning, Organizing, Communicating, Directing, Training, Delegating, Leading, Controlling, Revenue Generating etc with pride, confidence or exuberance.)

1.5 CUSTOMER SERVICE , BASIC COURTESY & HUMILITY. TRIXIE could have saved the day by being humble enough to APOLOGIZE or SAY SORRY to the couple. She could have patched the...
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